The Co-design classroom

We value life-long learning

Are you curious about co-design? Don’t just watch from the sidelines – come give it a try at StudioC.

We run educational workshops and training sessions with teams and individuals to promote co-design as a more inclusive way of innovating. 

Our programmes enable you to experience the co-design process in a high energy, hands-on, experimental manner, equipping you with tools and techniques to apply to your own team and practices — to effect change where you are.


1. Discover 
Co-design workshops

This is an introductory co-design workshop where you will begin to discover co-design methods. A hands-on, experiential, experimental design session. Sessions are personalised and range from 1.5hrs to half-day sessions.


2. Guide Me 
Deep dive workshops

We work with teams to unpack an idea or solve a problem, giving them insights into how co-design methods and techniques can be applied to their own unique problems. Individuals will be taken through a full-cycle design process over a period of 2–3 days. 


3. Connect Me
Personal mentoring

Individualised mentoring with individuals and teams. We mentor you through your unique circumstances and provide you with methods and tools for introducing co-design into your work, brand or organisation.