Design process and people are at the heart of StudioC. We use co-design as our core practice where we design with people rather than for them. 

We involve end-users in our creative process — right from the get-go. This ensures that the final creation serves it's purpose in the most effective way possible.

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The work we do


We design with purpose and compassion, connecting brands with audiences through strategy, experiences and design. We work with people who stand for something, with projects that aim to do good in this world!


Experience Design

Workshops are our JAM! We facilitate creative sessions in which we work togetherwith you and your audiences to develop ideas, define brand strategies and test design concepts.

| Co-design workshops

| Persona development

| End-user empathy conversations

| Testing & prototyping

| Empathy and experience maps

| Brand and experience strategy


Brand Experience

Everything is a brand. People are brands and brands start with people. Therefore our design process begins with facilitating co-design workshops. Through these (rather fun!) activities we connect and hear the view of a broad range of people who will be affected by the brand. This enables us to develop an assumption-free brand-strategy—(the plan and personality behind how the new brand looks and behaves). Once we have a solid strategy in place, we then get stuck into the design of how your products, services and experiences are visualised. 

| Photography

| Websites

| Brand collateral 

| Marketing and social media

| Brand strategy workshops

| User experience research

| Strategy documents

| Visual brand design & experiences


All Kinds of Design

StudioC offers innovative and bespoke designs to create visually stimulating content that shines. We've got you covered in all aspects of design — marketing material, photography, illustration, digital and spacial outputs.

| Photography

| Illustration

| Book and editorial design

| Exhibitions and events

| Public installations

| Branding and collateral



We run educational workshops and training sessions with teams and individuals to promote co-design as a more inclusive way of innovating. 

Our programmes enable you to experience the co-design process in a high energy, hands-on, experimental manner, equipping you with tools and techniques to apply to your own team and practices — to effect change where you are.

| Programmes in schools

| Organisational development

| Co-design presentations

| Discovery co-design session

| Deep dive co-design session

| Individual and team mentoring